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Danobat and Soraluce: giving birth to the digital twin

An R&D project for finetuning the engineering processes linked to the design and commissioning of their machine tools

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Jesús Galindo
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Danobat and Soraluce, members of the Danobatgroup, together with the affiliate Savvy Data Systems, have received support from CDTI for the MOVICOMS Project, involving the creation of digital twins of their machines. This initiative has been prompted by the existence of new tools for the joint integration and testing of different components (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic design, and the software interfacing with the system), creating a single virtual entity referred to as the physical machine’s digital twin.

Within this context, MOVICOMS will focus on resolving the sundry issues of interoperability that arise in the process of creating a digital twin. Just as a MT may be considered a complex system, so too is the creation of a digital twin, and it requires the interplay between different modules to accurately reproduce the machine’s behaviour. Hence the reason that the success of a digital twin is said to depend on the relationship between the effort made for its design and development and the saving achieved thanks to its use in a product’s lifecycle.

The MOVICOMS Plan focuses on resolving the issues of interoperability through the creation of a digital twin

Danobat and Soraluce expect to finetune the development processes, as the use of the digital twin will improve the interaction between the different areas of engineering. At the same time, this will provide for the end user’s early involvement in the product acceptance process, thereby improving their experience, as well as boosting quality by reducing design flaws and guarantee costs. All this will lead to greater reliability and reinforce customer loyalty.

Milling machine for Mecvil

Soraluce has bult a moving column milling machine, with 16-metre longitudinal runs, a vertical displacement of 3.2 metres, and sideways movement of 1.6 metres, for the Catalan company Mecvil, which will be using it in the machining of parts for the railway and aeronautics industries. This equipment can include several work stations (baseplates, rotating tables, roto-translating tables, etc.). In this case, the machine has two stations and a pendular option for machining and loading parts at the same time.

View of the industrial facilities belonging to the company Mecvil in Barcelona.

Grinding for Hyperion

Danobat-Overbeck has developed a turnkey high-performance, flexible grinding machine for responding to intensive levels of production for the manufacturer Hyperion M&T. The project has contemplated all the stages in the process, from preliminary engineering through to the design of maintenance strategies and after-sales support. The solution also includes the company’s own headstock and software, as critical components for guaranteeing the required precision.

Danobat's LG-1000 high precision grinder.

This article was published together with Empresa XXI's Special Report "Machine Tool 2020". You can read the full report by clicking on the cover.


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